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Part time work and unemployment

by Charlene
(New Jersey)

Can I still collect unemployment benefits from New York State and get a part time job in New Jersey where I live????

That would depend on your part-time job.

This is what the NY website says ..

If a claimant works less than four days in a week and earns $405 or less, the claimant may receive partial benefits. Receiving partial benefits extends the length of time benefits can be collected until the claimant receives his/her maximum benefit amount or until the benefit year ends.

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Mar 15, 2011
Filling in for someone going on vacation
by: Anonymous


I am currently collecting benefits from NYS.  I live in NJ.  I work part-time, one day a week, when needed.    If I were to fill in for someone who is going on vacation for a week,  what happens too my benefits. Do I need to refile a new claim or would I still continue on extended benefits and not claim for that week?    It would only be for one week that I would be working.  It would probably be an 8 hr day for 5 days.  This is not definite as I am checking with unemployment first.   

Thank you,

You would continue to file each week except that you would now hsve to report how much you earned in the week you file for benefits.

This information is included in the instructions for filing that every state provides to claimants.

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