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Part Time Worker with a Part Time Schedule

by Car

I have worked for X company as a Part Time Employee for 10 months. For 5 months I worked 4 days, then at my request for the last 5 months just 3 days per week. Next month my schedule only allows me to work 2 days a week which is not enough for X company.

I have stated that I will be leaving the company because according to my supervisor my availability does not meet the job requirements.

So I am forced to quit or am I fired?
What can I do before my last day as far as documenting poor working conditions and my willingness to work weekends.

BTW, I'm not lazy, just venturing to another realm of Slave Labor, a M-F UNPAID internship. If you have the energy how would this affect my application?


If you are fortunate enough to live in a state that provides a digest of precedent unemployment decisions, you'll find that there are some which explain that it has to be determined whether a situation is a voluntary quit or a discharge.

It always goes back to the action that cause the separation. In your case it is a need to work less days .. therefore I believe you would be seen as the moving party .. or in other words the one who was trying to alter the original conditions of employment.

Then they have to look at why you needed the change the conditions and an unpaid internship .. although probably a good move for you is not a "compelling personal reason to quit" ..

You will be quitting without good cause to receive unemployment.

Not to mention that the unpaid internship is a limitation on your ability and availability for paid work.


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