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partial employment question about unemployment benefits

by ed jr

Okay,I was drawing partial employment for partime work ,but the workforce made the mistake of not giving me a certain form to fill out ,my extended benifits expired then,but they kept me on there ,now i find out that I owe them 2668 dollars ,even though I was still turning in my reduced hours ,I was told first by one of the workforce workers that I only owe 800 over dollars cause of the fact that I didnt get the entire 245,she told me I was only suppose to get 161.00,that was owed to me now why did these scum from little rock arkanasa trying to rip me off ,.saying I owe the whole thing ,what happened to my ruced hours I filed all 11 weeks to them,now they claim I still owe them 668 dollars cause they stole my missouri wages to put it toward the 2668 dollars ,is the gov a loan shark or something much worse to steal from poor people like that,they took all of my 1900.00 in wages and must have deleted my reduced hours out of thier system to get it ,wow little rock workforce people are some dirty bastards ,wouldnt you agree ,let me know what I can do about this mess,I cant afford to pay them that back now

Hi Ed,

Quite frankly, I'm having trouble making heads or tails out of your question .. and no .. I can't agree that they done you wrong .. because I'm not clear about what you might have done .. or more likely failed to do .. like appeal????? a determination in a timely manner.

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