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by paula
(washington twp. nj )


i work pt. time as a receptionist -the company now wants full time for my position--i haven't worked full time since the 1960's--I'm will to try it work. full time but i'm in my 60's now -- full time would be from 8 am to 5 pm --if I feel its too much for me and decide to leave could I then collect unemployment -- I'm willing to try it for 6 months --


First, let's find out if NJ has a "part-time worker provision" that might give you a choice.

It is after all, a substantial change to the conditions of employment and you have been a long-time part-time employee only.

Beginning on page 24 ..

And then read the text of NJ's provision that they suggest you do, for the "American Recovery an Reinvestment Act of 2009" (ARRA)

There's links at the bottom of that ETA Recovery site page which take you to the changes or existing provisions each state submitted to get that stimulus money for modernizing or having "modernized" laws already.

Another little bit of interesting info on NJ is that in the summer of 2010 they made some other changes to other unemployment statutes which increased their ability to deny benefits and even increased the length of disqualifications.

It's probably good budgeting, but what it means in the long run for the unemployed is that in NJ, which used to have a 60 percent recipiency rate just a few years ago now has a 38.6 percent recipiency rate at the end of 2010.

Anyone interested in what there state's statistics can find that info here.

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