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Paychecks bounced so I was fired!!

I worked for a daycare for almost 4 months. I have had 2 paychecks bounce and every other one had a sticky note attached asking me to hold my paycheck until a specific date, sometimes more than a week after receiving the check! I was advised by my bank to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. My boss was notified of my filing with the BBB and the next day I was not on the schedule. I hadn't had work for a week and 3 days before I went into the business to find out that I was fired. Will I get unemployment benefits for only working almost 4 months?

Answer For: Paychecks bounced so I was fired!!

I need to know what state you live in and if you have had any other jobs before this one in the last 18 months to two years.

I wouldn't of filed a complaint with the BBB, but the appropriate government agency that accepts wage complaints.

If I knew what state if was I might be able to tell you what I think.

I do know the reason for discharge sounds like it's for something other than what is considered work related misconduct, given the information you provided.

However, my concern would be whether you'll meet the earning or (monetary requirements) to establish a valid claim for unemployment benefits.


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