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by Tam
(Rancho Cucamonga Ca)

My boss just notified me last week that he will be cutting our hours/pay by 16 hours a month beginning in September of 2010. I currently work 40 hours a week. With this new "furlough program" my hours will be reduced to 32 hours every other week. It may not seem like much, but it definitely is to my pocketbook. Am I eligible for 'Reduced Earnings' unemployment? (CA)

Do you mean partials? I doubt a reduction of 8 hours a week would allow for a partial amount of benefits to be paid, but California does have a short-time or more commonly called worksharing program.

Of course it is a voluntary program for the employer to participate in and requires the states approval of the plan.

The advantage to the employee is that benefits are calculated on the reduction of hours vs. the wages that are earned.

But I just don't think too many employers know about it .. or maybe they just aren't interested .. which is what I think.

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