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Pension eligible employee volunteers to quit to save a non pension eligible employee from being laid off. Also, decision to quit was due to hostile environment harassment case

by Debra
(detroit, michigan)

filed an internal EEOC claim as a witness to another employee's racial discrimination. EEOC closed the case without a full investigation. Later a male manager, referred to me via written company text in a racial and sexist negative manner and then asked me to breakfast and threaten discipline when I refused.

I filed a company with EEOC who did not follow through, wrote a mass email to all local, tier 1 and tier 2 managers as well as Human Resources, and EEOC and Manager was eventually moved to another shift.

Complained that initial claim was never addressed. Sent another mass email detailing hostile environment work conditions. Director promised, but did not address issues. Company continues to violate its own Code Business Conduct. I continue to be harassed, co-worker speak up in private only, but will not speak up with management. I feel alienated and harassed. I have plenty of documentation to support my claim.

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