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Pensylvania unemployment VQ disqualifications. How they are satisfied.

by Greg

My wife was laid off at her company and collected unemployment for a few months before finding a new job.

She started the new job and stopped unemployment benefits.

At her new job, she agreed to work one day per week at a second location further from our house. After a couple of weeks on the job, she was assigned two to three days a week at the further location. She was not comfortable with this and voluntarily quit.

Now she is working a temporary (6 week) assignment that will probably end next week. She has been looking for other temporary (and permanent) positions and has not been able to find any positions. Her current temp agency does not have any positions at this time.

Are there any reasons she could apply for unemployment or is she not eligible because she quit her previous job before taking the temporary job?


Hi Greg,

Without going into a lot of detail, the question I first had after reading yours was to find out if your wife had satisfied Pennsylvania's voluntary quit disqualification .. just in case the state determines the quit wasn't for good cause .. which I think is a good possibility.

PA's VQ disqualification for a quit without good cause is to return to work and earn six times the weekly benefit amount and then have a qualifying separation from a job before you are able to requalify.

This means the disqualification has to be "purged".

Has she done this? It's sounds like she has.

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