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per the company.. I was fired for insubordination

by amy

I've worked for this company for 20 yrs...this year is my 20yr anniversary. I have been called into the office various times over the past few years for complaints about me...being rude on the phone or in person mainly have been the complaints.

But last week I felt I was being pushed to do something unethical by 2 employees on the directive of their supervisor. I said no...and things got escalated. I admit I went off and said the situation was "fucking ridiculous"...well ...I was accused of swearing about the supervisor...and the reason for the firing was for insubordination.
I explained to HR that I felt what was asked of me was unethical...but I think they felt it was the last straw and just wanted me out.
I know that collecting for insubordination is one of the reasons you cannot collect. They pretty much fired me for swearing...
Do I have a chance to collect?

Hi Amy,

Maybe....if you focus on what you thought was unethical. All states have something...somewhere in their unemployment laws about refusing to do something illegal, immoral, unsafe...maybe even unethical. You need to come out of the gate from the gitgo aggressively asserting that you were upset because you were being asked to do something you thought was unethical.

Now, this does not mean you'll get unemployment, because there is always two sides to the story, but it's your best hope....if you know what I mean.

What you do have going against you is prior warnings for rudeness. These can be used to support the employer's contention that this was just another example of Amy being rude...and was the incident that prompted the discharge. But it will be the circumstances surrounding the "final incident" that will be most closely scrutinized.

Hope this helps.

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