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personal reasons

by Precious

I have been working with my company for about a year and a half. I was working in the PA office and asked for a transfer to the Texas office. I was approved and about 2 weeks before the move I found out that I was pregnant. I went ahead with the move and started at the Texas office in Oct 2009. Since then I have been diagnosed with anemia and I have been sluggish. I have received warnings for lateness. Prior to this pregnancy I have never received any warning for anything. Also during this time, things for me financially haven't been going well. My medical bills are piling up and my car kept breaking down. I requested a transfer back to PA through HR citing all of my reasons. They told me that I would likely be able to transfer back to the PA office where I had more family support, including financial support. I waited 3 weeks for their response emailing both the PA and TX office. I was told that they cannot offer me a transfer at this time but I was not given a reason why. Throughout my entire history at this company I have remained a top performer and my performance has exceeded every other member on my team. This is documented in my stats so it cannot be work performance. The problem is that I actually do not want to lose my job but I cannot financially continue to live in TX, I need help from my family with my medical bills,utilities, and emotional support as this is my first pregnancy. Would I be able to file for unemployment in PA since I was only in TX for 5 months? I would file citing that I "quit for personal reasons" and that I tried to transfer. Or should I "try to get fired". I honestly would like to stay at my job but it is not possible. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

Hi Precious,

You could file in PA, but it is always best to focus on reason attributable to the work .. even in PA.

I think you need to file for intermittent FMLA for the anemia .. and then try for the transfer again .. Go to the USDOL and check out FMLA and possibility of being discriminated against due to your pregnancy if that has anything to do with the refusal.

But I'm curious .. why did you transfer in the first place? And why can't you make it financially on your own in Texas .. these are personal reason and not really compelling .. given that you were the one that requested the transfer to TX in the first place.

You do see where I'm going with this .. right?

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Mar 03, 2010
by: Precious

I put in for the transfer in June which was months before I was actually pregnant. I started in Dallas on Oct 5th when I was about 9 weeks. I found out that I was pregnant shortly before that. The reason for the move was simply for a change of scenery. The reason why I cannot survive on my own in Texas right now is financial. My car broke down twice in a 2 month period and it cost me a significant amount to have it fixed and in the end it still didn't work. I then had to get a rental so that I could continue to make it to work. This cost me a significant amount as well since I am under the age of 25 so I am charged an additional fee. I had to do this because there is no public transportation and I have no family to help me with transportation. This was NOV and DEC. I had to put down a large deposit for a new car in Jan and during that time my significant other lost his job so I became the sole provider. My income was not enough to pay rent, car insurance, car note etc. Also, my insurance only covers a certain percentage of my health car and I had to have tests and ultrasounds and down payments on my delivery that I needed to pay for out of pocket. It got so bad that when I left my apartment, I didn't even have electricity due to an unusually high bill. I didn't spend money on anything extra, I simply had some very ridiculous unfortunate pitfalls while in Texas. I kept trying to dig myself out of the hole that we were in but it kept on getting deeper for some reason.

I also tried getting a second job but no one seemed willing to hire a visibly pregnant woman. I told HR of the issues that I was having in early Feb and I was basically led to believe that a transfer shouldn't be a problem as long as there was room in the PA office. I spoke with a co-worker in the PA office and she told me that they were still hiring so I thought that it wouldn't be a problem. They gave me no reason why they denied the transfer only that they were "sorry".

I'm really not sure what I should do.

Financial issues, and cars breaking down are personal reasons and without good cause. It's not like they forced you to go to TX. And who is to say that your car wouldn't have broke down in PA.

Try HR again. And if PA is still hiring .. bring it up .. ask questions .. find out why they wont' transfer you.

I'm telling you that if you quit .. I seriously do not think you will get unemployment benefits even from PA .. so start looking for another solution that's going to work for you and your baby with that in mind.

Mar 04, 2010
by: Precious

If my car did break down in PA I would have my brother, mother, father and public transportation to rely on which I don't have in Texas. I would also have help with bills if I needed it. Unfortunately, I cannot stay in Texas because I no longer have electricity in the apt and I don't have enough for the rent this month. So, I don't have the option of waiting any longer. I need to go back to my parent's house so that I can get myself back in order without paying rent for a month or so. I am just going to have to try to find another job. Hopefully they will see my job history and degree and take a chance on me. Thanks for your help.

Well, then at least file in PA and explain your compelling reasons and that even after making the employer aware of your desperate need for a transfer .. you at least made the effort to avoid having to quit before you did so.

I wish you the best .. honestly.

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