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Please help, I won my apeal hearing and received one payment of UI but havent received in almost a month after!

by James
(CA Unemployment Benefits)

I won my appeal case hearing after being first turned down for UI benefits. I received one payment through the EDD card which was the first claim i sent on August 8th, and stopped sending claims after because I got a notice saying I had to appeal the case. After winning, I recieved one payment then got another letter saying i would be getting an telephone interview again regarding on the claims that werent sent in. Its been more than a month I have not received any payments and all the other claims were sent in. Does this mean i can be disqualified for all my future claims and not recieve any benifits from UI?

Seriously James, even state instructions .. which I'm not a big fan of .. tell you that even while waiting for an appeal hearing .. you have to continue to file the weekly claims if you want to get paid for those weeks.

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