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Please help no clue what to do! Should I just quit or seek alternatives to quitting.

by Brandon
(modesto ca)

Hi my name is Brandon, i'm currently employed but having a lot of difficulties with my pay! i work in a commission based department set with a draw that makes me sell so much an hour in order to get my commission.well for the last few month my company decided to lay tons of employee off and had there jobs forced upon us still working there! So now they have me coming in 2 hours early to set sells and are not taking away my draw for those 2 hours! forcing me to not get commission now! My question is if i get fired for showing up to work when the store opens like i should be doing, and getting fired for being late for doing so. Can i get unemployment?WERE BEING FORCED TO DO STUFF WE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS IS ILLEGAL AND UNFAIR TO US!!

Thank you, Brandon

Hi Brandon,

It may be unfair, but before you justify quitting to yourself .. I suggest you make sure you are quitting due to some Illegal employment practice in California and make sure there isn't something you should be doing to try to "preserve the employment".

Or if it isn't illegal and just plain old unfair make sure you try to "preserve the employment" first and be certain that the unfairness would be a reason for quitting that is then good cause to quit in California

It's sound like you might be an exempt employee .. so take that into consideration as well.

I added to your title what I believe is the question you have asked.

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