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policy violation in Louisiana

by tricia

I've worked for this finance company almost two years. I was terminated for a drawer shortage which is company policy. My drawer has been short on some occasions but each time that mistake is made the company would take the amount out of my paycheck.I have been a very good employee towards this company.Why deny me its not like this is money i can live off of.I need something, anything to put me back on my feet.I am looking for work daily. My claim was denied I filed an appeal, its been almost three months waiting on a court date.PLEASE HELP ME!


Check Louisianna labor law first to see if it's okay for cash drawer shortages to be withheld from paychecks .. this is not always allowed as a way for an employer to recoup.

Additionally, what does the policy say exactly?

Has the employer followed their own rules precisely?

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