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pool builder in florida with thirty years of experience

by roger
(jax., fla)

in florida i have worked for a company for four to five months. I have been told by the boss for the last two weeks that we don't have any work. Today i went to the office and saw everyone's time cards and all of the other employees have been working four or five days a week ten to twelve hours a day. Can I tell the owner i am going to quit because he is not giving me any work? will I be eligible for unemployment? Earlier in the year I was told that I was a foreman and when things slowed down that all of the foremen would get work before the helpers.

Hell NO. Don't quit Roger, just file for unemployment. Tell the state exactly what you told me. Continue to call the boss for work.

If they have been telling you there is no work .. it's a lack of work or a layoff.

We'll have to wait to see if and how the boss replies to the state.


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