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Poor performance..and let go from my job. Employer said they did not protest my unemployment claim. This is great ... right?

by Mrs J Andrews

I was dismissed from a job after 10 months for poor performance. Never written up or warned just dismissed. I filed unemployment benefits. I called and spoke to my former employer . He said he received a letter from the unemployment office stating I was filing for unemployment. My former employer informed me that they did NOT contest, fight, or dispute the claim..great right?

Does this automatically mean I will receive unemployment benefits?

Hi Mrs. Andrews,

Yup, that's a good thing, but it does not mean you will automatically get unemployment necessarily.

I've actually had a couple questions like this today. So I'm going to address a very common problem for claimants.

They say something disqualifying or they click the wrong box when filing unemployment. If the employer doesn't protest that will certainly increase your ability to get any denial reversed, but if an adjudicator or a hearing officer thinks what you did .. by your own admission is disqualifying, it doesn't matter that the employer did not protest.

You might be surprised how often I noticed that it wasn't the employer, but the claimant that managed to disqualify themselves because they blamed themselves for their own failure to perform instead of just saying they did the job to the best of their ability, but they simply were incapable of doing the job to the satisfaction of the employer.

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