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Poor sales performance in WI

by Scared to be Unemployeed
(Appleton, WI, USA)

I have worked as a sales associate for the past 3 years. The company has guidelines which state that an employee will be terminated if sales quota's are not met. I was very successful and made top sales person for several months until the economy soured. During the good sales period, the company provided solid leads. However, the leads are not productive now. Unfortunately, the organization increased the quota's during these tough economic times and I have failed to meet my goal. The writing is on the wall that I will be terminated. I realize that I can apply for unemployment, but what are the probabilities of receiving it?

I have research 'misconduct' in Wi, but cannot locate a definitive answer.

You're kidding me. You can't find WI's definition? It's so prevalent .. other states have adopted it as their own.

I even have it on this website. Click here for the definition of misconduct from which most definitions come from.

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May 16, 2010
Reply to poor sales performance in WI
by: Scared to be unemployed

Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm glad the definition is simple to you. Actually, it is more clear here on your site than on many other sites, but I still think there is some ambiguity in the definition. I'm sure the ambiguity that is written into state law is there for a purpose- which is probably to keep the novice public confused.
Your site has helped me gather my facts which don't include poor, pitiful me and my employer is unfair. Yet, it has also helped me see that my employer has taken steps to hinder terminated workers from collecting unemployment. The performance review contains several items that must be met (dials per minute, minutes on the phone, demonstrations) that are needed in order to get the sale. In this stormy economy, many people don't 'waste' time on sales pitches, so it's difficult to obtain my organization's standards.
Misconduct seems to me like a willful act. Although it is clearly stated in the company policy that an employee will be terminated if stadards are not met, I'm still confused on how this could be deemed misconduct in this day and time by any measure.


That is basically the problem the ambiguity is defined by interpretive precedents and although each state usually uses "Boynton Cab" they may only use parts of it or something worded similarly therefore it is the interpretations that guide how decisions are made and the interpretive precedents are state specific .. unless a case made it all the way to the US Supreme Court.

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