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Possible independent contractor job and unemployment if job doesn't work out

I am currently receiving California unemployment at the maximum amount. I am expecting to receive an offer to work at a company where I would essentially be an agent (as an independent contractor). I would be paid a (minimal) base salary for three months and then that would be eliminated and I'd be on commission only. I know that commission would "kick" me out of UI. My question is: If I accept the agent position and I don't like the job in 1-3 months, can I revert back to getting my unemployment benefits? I'm not sure if it is worth it to jeopardize my unemployment for an "iffy" job. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

I wouldn't like iffy either, but there is always the question of what has more opportunity for the future.

You need to read the UIBDG

If I were you .. I'd carefully read about voluntarily quitting anything when you just "don't like it".

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