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possibly moving from CA to Fl

by Lashell

I am anticipating a move from CA to Fl due to the almost impossibility to find employment. My original claim will have almost run out by the time of my move. I have not received a fed extension. If I move will I be eligible for the fed ext and how can I still collect ui in a different state?

Hi Lashell,

Don't ask me .. ask the EDD because I just got through answering a question from someone who was collecting on a CA claim .. moved to Florida and continued to collect extension benefits .. now the EDD wants him to repay 9,000 dollars .. makes little sense to me unless the EDD has lost it's marbles or the guy who asked the question was working in Florida while collecting an extension.

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Apr 30, 2011
But do they change your rate?
by: Anonymous

My UI in CA will be $450/wk. Max UI in FL is $275. Will I have to accept the lower rate if I move to Florida, or do i just change my address with the CA Unemployment office? I have been working here at the same job with the same pay for 3 years.

You will collect CA weekly benefit amounts as long as the claim is based upon employment in CA.

Yes, you will have to change your address and you will also probably have to register for work through Florida and pay attention to FL job search requirements as well .. if I'm not mistaken.

Apr 05, 2010
CA to FL
by: Anonymous

I was not working in FL while collecting the extension. If you receive the FED extension you can collect it no matter what state you move to including FL. Assuming all of your prior job's work was completed in CA. Where mine is different, I had three months of gainful employment in FL, before getting laid off. Unforutnately for me, this qualified me for a new claim in Florida after my first six months from CA had exhausted. This was not explained to me at the time and I filed for and received an extension from CA. Now they are asking for the money back, because I should have filed for a new claim in FL version and extension in CA. Hope this helps you out. Good luck finding work in FL, I just moved back to CA for a good job.

You know what I think? Extensions such as what are now being experienced have never and I repeat never been available like they are now .. I think they are making the rules up as they go along or the states are issuing these determinations in hopes that people don't appeal so they can confiscate tax returns and any future benefits you might have to collect .. or worse yet garnish wages if a state statute will allow it ..

I've said it before and I'll say it again .. I don't know a lot about extensions and if you want to know about extensions then you should visit NELP

Appeal .. appeal .. appeal .. because an extension extends a benefit year and three months of wages .. alone .. is not enough to qualify for a new claim in Florida without other wages being present in CA. "combined wage claim".

This is either lag period bullshit confusing the states or it's the state ignoring that a benefit year is 12 months long.

A benefit year is one year long, but benefits will always exhaust in six months of total unemployment .. therefore tiers of extensions.

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