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Postal Clerk - Fired for Worker's Comp Fraud

I was told by MDO I am being removed from my Postal Job for Misrepresenting My Work Abilities.

I filled out OWCP paperwork for an on the job injury. Prior to filling out paperwork the doctor had me off. I saw the doctor only one time, he would not release me to go back to work. On the one visit he wanted me to be off to take 4 hydrocodones and 3 skelatins per day. Prior to him telling me to be off work, when he told me to take this medication I told him I have a hard time just taking 1 hydrocodone per day, because of how it makes me feel. He stated he would just put me off work. He only gave me a prescription for the pills that only last for eight days. In the mean time the AMDO called me at home and asked me when I would be returning back to work I stated I would come back to work, but would I need a Dr release? She stated, you need a Dr release. I could not get the Dr to release me.

Next documentation stated unable to work, that is it, nothing more. The doctor never stated I was confined to my home at anytime, just unable to work.

Now work is claiming I failed to tell the Dr that work had light and limited duty work available and that while I was off work I went to the casino over forty times, even though they have not shown anything in writing. They have not shown any documentation to all of their accusations.

They keep asking if I could have worked because if I could go to casino, I could have worked basically, but their own manager refused to let me work when I requested that I return to work.

Dr. only wrote unable to work and would never let me have another appointment with him.

Hi Anonymous,

You need an attorney. Your situation is not just a matter of whether you can get unemployment. You are being accused of worker's comp fraud. Don't fool around with this. Consult with an attorney.

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