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pre trial memorandum by employer

by michael

My employer has taken this back to court cause they have pictures of me doing yard and side jobs i have no limitations,when i did my settlement in 2010 i had stipulation to the agreement. they still have to pay doctor and pay for medications and i can go again for another permitnese. i just got my wages for 150 wks and 15% with stip. so now they want to take me to court cause i dont have limitations anymore just driving no longer then 30 min sitting now employer is appealing the UR What should i do

Where are you located Michael? It doesn't sound like you're here in the US .. if you are .. this wouldn't have anything to do with UI I don't think .. but worker's comp ..

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I'm in Dover delaware
by: Michael

I'm in Dover Delaware.

Then I've got to wonder why you aren't asking a worker comp attorney questions because if it is what it sounds like to me, I think your employer is about to try to prove that you're guilty of some sort of fraud .. and I by no means claim to have any expertise about how worker compensation laws works except to tell you they also vary by state.

In case there's some other employees that find this and doesn't know ..

The same UI cost control companies I worked for also had worker comp cost control depts too, and one of the things they did was to investigate (undercover) and catch people performing activities that proved the WC claim was fraudulent .. therefore possibly some others .. because no one is allowed to double dip into worker comp and unemployment comp funds.

I can recall a few unemployment cases where I used this type of evidence for UI purposes.

However, your question pre trial memorandum by employer .. that sounds like REAL court not an administrative unemployment hearing .. and you need a lawyer.

Here's the link ..Delaware Worker Comp office and the rules.

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