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Preschool changed it's hours!

by Noelle
(Miami beach, fl)

My 1 yr old sons preschool changed it's hrs from 6am - 12am to 6am - 7pm. My employer would not allow me to change my availability with the company and continued to schedule me after the preschool is closed. I eventually got fired for absences after exhausting every effort to reconcile the situation. I was denied unemployment benefits based on misconduct. My appeal is on Monday. I have some evidence in the form of letters I had written to regional and corporate offices regarding the matter. I also have a copy of the availability form I filled out. The state is Florida. Am I gonna win this??? Any suggestions???

Can you prove you made efforts to seek out other childcare for the hours your daycare decided to close.

Arranging childcare for the hours of availability you were made aware of by the employer is considered to the employees responsibility.

If you only show the efforts you made to get the accommodation from the employer .. you're basically only showing half of the efforts you should have exhausted.

Hope this helps you to see the bigger picture of good cause in your case.


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Nov 27, 2011
Childcare options
by: Noelle

There are no preschools in Miami open later than 7pm so I included these documents in my evidence. I receive benefits from the state in the form of childcare and food stamps and could not reasonably afford to pay a baby sitter. Thoughts? Thank you for your input!

Yup, you go with what you got to offer .. as long as it is an objective view of the facts of how the change is detrimental to you based upon a altering of the conditions at the time of hire that caused your acceptance of the work as suitable to a whole lot of criteria .. including the financial feasibility and time limitations of the childcare availability.

Of course it should go without saying that supporting your objective contention of how the work has become unsuitable per the states criteria for that should be supported with documentation.

Location of the childcare search you conducted to conform to the new requirements seems, at least to me, could be limited to the localities surrounding home, work or anywhere in between the two.

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