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promoted only to be demoted

by Cathy
(Iowa Unemployment Benefits)

I was promoted only to be demoted.

In July I accepted a position as a Team Lead for the company I worked for. It was a part time position in the evenings and the other half of my time I was on the phone like the rest of my co-workers. I was in charge of a team of 6-10 people. (essentially they gave me a supervisor position without the title or pay) I just started receiving my insurance benefits on the first of the month only to turn around on the 14th of the month and be told my position was being eliminated and my benefits would end at the end of the month and my pay would change immediately in the middle of a pay period. I was with the company almost 2 years and had 3 promotions from the time I had started. I was offered a position going back 2 promotions from where I was and offered a significant pay cut and less duties. My boss sent me home because I was upset I had worked hard to get to where I was only to have it taken away from me 3 months later through no fault of my own. The reason behind my demotion was because they stated they didn't have the budget to justify having 4 staff members when our FTE count was down, so they chose my position to be eliminated. I was not offered a gradual pay decrease and I was the one who was going to have to tell my team why I was no longer their Team Lead. I have filed for unemployment because I went home and thought about it. My boss had told me she didn't want me coming into work "pissed off every day" so she sent me home to think about everything. Is there a chance of getting unemployment in my case?

Hi Cathy,

I'm not clear if you quit your job, or if you are asking whether you might receive partial unemployment benefits since you have just recently gone from a full-time employee to a part-time employee.

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Sep 24, 2011
promoted only to be demoted
by: Cathy

I did end up leaving the day they demoted me.

Did you quit?

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