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Promotion promised, manager fired, full time hours slashed when no one else's were.

by Jennie
(Illinois Unemployment Benefits)

I had been working for a company for about 6 months in Illinois. I applied, was interviewed and accepted for a position in a newly created department. I had applied as the full timer and the manager that had interviewed me told me I was the best qualified for the position and I would be receiving it. A few weeks later he was terminated for an unrelated reason.

I worked full time hours in the new department for a month 35-40 a week. The two guys hired with me got around 30-35.

After that first month the new supervisor entered the picture and took over the schedule even though supervisors were not supposed to do the schedules for departments.
My hours were dropped down to 10-15 a week, but the other guys received 35+
In order to continue living in the area I was I needed this full time gig, so I begged my co-workers for shifts so I could make ends meet. ( This is okay with management to take peoples shifts, also a reason my paystubs wont reflect a drastic hours cut. )

I confronted my supervisor about it and he told me it was due to business decline and lack of hours to be given in the department. He had no comment on why the guys received more hours than me.

After a couple weeks of taking shifts there was no change, but one of my co workers had told me that our supervisor had told him he was purposely giving me
the lite hours and to stop giving me shifts.

I talked with a higher manager about this and explained that I was expecting the full time hours..or at least fair treatment with hours. He told me it might be better if I find another job. I told him I would need to change my availability so I could secure a second job. He told me that was out of the question.

I kept working, and job hunting. August rolled around and I lost my apartment. Based on my actual scheduled hours I was not able to renew my lease. So I moved home and commuted 60 miles each way, hoping to find work in indiana before I had to quit. After 2 weeks of this I realized it wasn't going to work, I was just barely breaking even due to transportation costs and my scheduled hours. I could no longer take shifts from my co-workers. I put in my 2 weeks. Not even a week after I left, 2 employees were given full time positions. One had been in the department for 3 weeks. And another I had trained a week before I put in my notice.

Eligible for benefits?

Hi Jennie,


Did you search any of the other Q&A's here and perhaps come across a link to the Illinois adjudication digest so you could peruse and formulate some ideas about what other details in your situation aside from the typical treatment so many get at new job .. that might also make you eligible?

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