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Put on performance improvment plan

I've been put on a 60 day performance improvement plan for not applying job knowledge, inaccuracy and work accountability. I responded to the plan stating that I've been giving it a 110% and pointed out why I'm a satisfactory employee and also sent letter to coworker stating I'm trying to improve. I've stated numerous reasons why i thought the plan was vague and unfair. If I'm let go what can i do to protect myself and what do you think are the possibilities of getting UI?


You are taking the steps now. Counter documenting is what you need to continue to do.

Just because an employer starts an improvement plan .. doesn't mean you won't get benefits, although the reasons you said the employer is using would be the suggested course for a good case against benefits.

It all sounds like neglect to perform the duties to the employer's expectation .. and not because of any inability.

I can't say what your chances are.

I hardly have enough information to judge.

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Sep 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

Well basically here is what the manager wrote.

Job knowledge: I've received all the training bu have failed to put into practice.
Accuracy and quality of work: Accuracy on large scale is not a concern but mistakes have been made in special situations.
Failure to accept accountability: He stated that I've hidden and glossed over my mistakes.

I agree accuracy has been an issue, but job knowledge section and accountability is a total lie. I've counter documented these specific parts in the letter stating that they were untrue and unfair. Said that I've always performed to the best of my abilities and loved working for such a great company. I've sent emails to manager regularly asking for training and have been keeping copies of everything. In our last meeting after submitting my letter, he agreed that mostly what the issue is my accuracy. Also have been keeping a log of everything i do everyday. We've also been understaffed this year and have to perform jobs for two people in stead of just my own.

How can i protect myself in this situation and have proof that his simply trying to get rid of me for his personal reasons by submitting an unfair performance improvement plan? I've also never had any warnings of poor performance until the annual review a week prior to the plan. Do you have any suggestions of what documents will be most effective in this matter.


I think you are doing what you need to do.

If you want a document review and suggestions for your specific situation please contact me through the services page.

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