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Qualified For Unemployment But Have Not Been Paid Benefits Yet

by Jin

Hello, I filed for unemployment for the first time on 10/26/12. About two weeks later, I received my wage transcript and determination in the mail, which said I was eligible for a weekly benefit about of $275. I also received a letter reminding me to claim my weeks online on 11/12/12. I did as I was told and filed my claim on that date, reported my work search information, etc. Four days later, I still haven't received my first payment. When I go online to check my status, it tells me my weekly benefit amount, my available credits, the next date to claim my weeks, etc. But it also says "No payments have been issued on your claim." I'm wondering is it supposed to take longer than three or four days? Or did something go wrong? Please help, I'm very new to this and still don't quite understand how this works.

Hi Jin
I would expect it to take just a bit longer before you receive benefits.

I didn't notice that you mentioned receiving the non-monetary determination which is what actually determines eligibility to receive weekly, or bi-weekly unemployment payments.

The non-monetary is always the second determination to be issued on all claims and the one that is most often appealed by employers.

Receiving unemployment benefits is contingent upon an investigation into whether you lost your job through no fault of your own for the reason associated with the circumstances for the separation from work.

When you filed your claim, a notice of claim filed went out to your last employer and any others found in the base period.

Unless the reason for separation you gave when applying is a lay off and this is confirmed by the last employer's response, barring any outstanding disqualification from earlier employers in your base period .. it shouldn't take longer than about six weeks to finally get that first payment (which should include backpay for the weeks you've been claiming, until you settle down into being regularly paid.

The typical procedure before a non-monetary determination is issued on a quit or discharge is to investigate and resolve the non-monetary issue before payment of benefits for any weeks you're claiming are actually paid.

So, to keep the claims procedure straight for myself, qualifying is all about the monetary determination and eligibility is about the second non-monetary determination which clears you to begin collecting.

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Feb 17, 2020
help NEW
by: Anonymous

I am still awaiting for my weekly payments it says "issue on file" and then moves to a box and says "pending issue slash denied" but when I call they say its not denied its being processed and i am 4 weeks in and appealing my first week. Am I going to get these weeks? what happens if I get a job will they back pay the weeks I have been waiting?

Aug 05, 2019
Unemployment Benefits NEW
by: Anonymous

The best answers to date.thank you

Jul 18, 2019
Nerve received benefits
by: Anonymous

I filed 2/12/2011 and when I filed I never received benefits and to this day my account is still active with a large balance that I still haven't received. Please help me get my benefits and it's 2019 now.

Nov 30, 2012
good luck
by: Anonymous

I have been waiting for 12 weeks and STILL waiting....they just don't care .!!

I don't believe a wait of twelve weeks to receive a payment of unemployment benefits is reasonable.

By now, some sort of determination should of been issued per USDOL guidelines and so, if necessary, the party aggrieved by the determination can appeal a claim determination to an appeal hearing.

Waiting quietly is not what I would do.

I'd contact the state attorney general's office and ask for assistance in expediting either the payments or a determination or whatever you're waiting on.

Whatever you decide to do .. it's no time to play the part of helpless victim ..

Nov 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I was discharged because I had requested for a day off and they wouldn't give it to me. It wasn't even a full day, I only wanted the evening off so I could go see my son's performance at his school. I notified the manager two weeks in advance that I wanted that evening off. He never gave me a direct yes or no answer, and would avoid giving me one whenever I asked him whether or not I got that evening off. He would say he didn't know yet, or he was waiting to see if they would need me that evening.

I thought it was ridiculous that I didn't have the answer until those two weeks had passed. My family was waiting for the answer too, as we were all planning to go see the show together. On that evening, we had all gotten ready to go, when the manager called told me I needed to come to work. I told him I couldn't because I had already given him a two weeks notice that I couldn't work that evening. He said he wanted me to come to work anyway. I refused, and he fired me on the spot. I worked at that place for 6 years as a full time employee, and rarely called in or requested for time off.

I'm still awaiting the interview call, but I haven't been home lately because I'm constantly going out to apply for jobs. I also get a lot of spam calls which I never answer. I was wondering what kind of number would show up on the caller ID when the interview call comes? Or what if I miss the call? Would they leave a message or something to let me know?

Do you have voice mail? The state will leave a message with a deadline for you to call back .. however, I'd do everything in my power to not miss the call.

You do not want to miss the adjudication interview call because they will be forced to make a determination "based upon the available information".

Nov 16, 2012
by: Jin

Hello and thank you for replying! All that information was certainly helpful for someone as lost as me. I was discharged from my job. So far I haven't been contacted for that interview yet. What kind of questions should I expect from this interview?

I don't know because I don't know why you were discharged or anything that the employer may tell the state or what kind of documents they might send to support the reason for discharge.

However, I do provide consultations to discuss such things while providing some guidance about what to focus on and what not to.

You're welcome,


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