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Qualified to collect in one of two states but now the extended benefits runs out in the state I chose but it wouldnt in the other. Can I file in the other state for the difference?

by Kevin T
(Maryland, SA)

My extended benefits will be running out soon in Maryland. However, I had the chance to chose Massachusetts also when I first filed. I believe my extended benefits would still be paying in MA. once they run out in MD. Should I be able to then file in MA. to keep collecting until my qualification runs out there?


It should have already been established by the state of MD if it would have been advantageous to establish a combined or interstate wage claim. in your case.

If you read that pub., your next question might be where is that claimtaker handbook they refer to.

This is the best information I could find on what I think is the issue you're asking about .. combined or interstate wage claims

However, I didn't have to read far to see that it's probably too late for you because you are beyond "regular" benefits.

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