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Qualifying for Unemployment in Florida?

I'm a resident of Missouri and moved to Florida for a job I started on 8-20-09. I was fired on 12-1-09. Was I there long enough to collect unemployment and am I able to collect it since I'm not a resident of Florida?


The length of your employment in Florida alone is probably not enough to qualify for unemployment monetarily in Florida.

But unemployment claims can also be "interstate claims" or "combined wage" claims.

So, whether you can or can't depends on what happened in Missouri.

Whether you had a claim in Missouri, what happened with it, if you still have an established benefit year in MO whether you were allowed or denied benefits.

I mention this because even if you were denied unemployment in Missouri you may have satisfied any disqualification for misconduct by returning to work and earning enough wages in subsequent employment.

Of course this separation must also be found qualifying.

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