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Question about UC extension, live in PA.

by tony

I was curious if you know how extended benefits work? I am currently unemployed, I was not "laid off", I was terminated from my job, am currently collecting unemployment. I am wondering what certain parameters need to be met to qualify for an extension? Does it matter if you were "laid off" compared to being "terminated" from your job when it comes to extended benefits?

Thank you.

Hi Tony,

You need to have exhausted all your regular unemployment benefits .. I don't believe it matters why you lost your job .. as long as you were approved for benefits.

I do understand that extensions are a big concern.

Although I have done enough research now and I think I can explain how they work .. nobody want's to read what I have to say about extensions .. I have too many opinions just itching to get out.

All you want to know is how they work .. and I'm not capable of limiting myself to just that.

If you want to know more about extended unemployment benefits I suggest

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