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Question about unemployment benifits in multiple states.

by Jon

Ok so here is the story.

I have worked in Northern nevada as a dealer for the past 4 years in South Lake Tahoe. I live on the California side but worked in nevada for 4 years. I was let go from my job in January 2009, I received no unemployment afterwards, Well fast forward to april and i took a sales job for about 6 weeks in California where i made next to no money. I left The sales job to take a job in las vegas as a dealer. Well 2 months later i was laid off. So i have been collecting unemployment ever since. Well yesterday my unemployment ran out, so i call nevada unemployment to file for my extension. So i go through all the questions and the lady on the phone told me i was approved for my extension.

Then she says since i have worked in California this year i have to file a claim in California before i can receive my extension in Nevada. But my problem is i wasnt laid off of my job in California i left it to go to another job and was then laid off. I also made about 70% less money in california then i did in nevada. So she told me i have to file a claim in California and that has to run out before i can get my nevada extension.

What happens if i am denied in California Because of not making enough money or not being laid off?
Will i then get my nevada extension?
Someone please help I have no idea what to expect.

It just seems odd that i was approved for my extension in Nevada but have to go through California. Thanks

Hi Jon,

You left me in the dust way back when you said you filed in Nevada for the lay off. It seems to me that at that time, the unemployment application would have asked for all employer during the last 18 months.

Even though I don't understand how things got screwed up .. this is what I think I know:) ..

If you had subsequent work after voluntarily quitting a job in California and that work lasted for at least two months, that work should have purged any VQ disqualification that California may impose on you .. I think

CA's VQ disqualification is to return to work and earn 5 times your weekly benefit amount.

The concern is that Nevada should really have known about that job you quit and I hope you didn't exclude it because Nevada's VQ disqualification is to return to work and earn at least your WBA in each of 10 weeks.

I'm wondering if Nevada was made aware of your CA employment .. when you filed in NV ?

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Nov 24, 2009
by: Jon

I didn't even work for 10 weeks in California That's why I don"t know why nevada wants me to go through california before i can get my extension

Hi Jon,

I don't know what's going to happen because for some reason, it's not working the way it should. Your claim in NV should have been a "combined wage claim".

When you apply in one state and have wages in your base period in another state ..

The state you file in should have the wage credits from the other state transferred .. at least that's how it should work for a combined wage claim.

But given what you are being told .. do it and know that as far as I can tell .. CA, although they may find the separation from the CA job disqualifying .. the subsequent employment from which you were laid off should satisfy the VQ disqualification and therefore clear you for benefits.

Getting benefits is supposed to be based on the "most recent work" so you need to make sure that CA knows about your NV claim and the job you were laid off from .. so they can see you had subsequent work to satisfy the disqualification they will impose for a quit without good cause .. and even that could be appealed.

Before you file in CA .. read the information they provide about the different types of claims.

For all I know, it might all be because CA hasn't transferred the wages yet .. like they should have.

I wish I had a picture of a knotted up hunk of jewelry to go right "here" .. because quite frankly, sometimes trying to figure out what's going on is like trying to untangle one.

Nov 24, 2009
nevada and california
by: JON

Sorry it seems confusing, but yes Nevada knew about my employment in California I was honest and open about all of my employment. But since i worked in Nevada and that was the state i was laid off in thats who i have been recieving my unemployment from for the last 4 months. So that claim has run out and they said in order to recieve my nevada extension i first had to file in California since i was employed in California. They said once my claim runs out in California i can recieve my nevada extension because i was already approved for it. But if i get denied in California since i left my job on my own terms will i recieve my extension in Nevada immedietly? It makes sense that they want California to pay my unemployment if i can get it before Nevada gives me an extension. But i dont get it if i get denied in California what will happen? SHe wouldnt explain it to me on the phone.
Sorry this is so confusing. Thank you for the help.

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