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Question/rant about moving

by Matt

So here is the thing, i have a decent job that pays the bills and all that junk and i have a woman who i am madly in love with that lives an hour away who is a school teacher. She tried to get a teaching job in my town but none were available so its either i go there or we split up because the long distance relationship isn't fun. I would like to quit my job and move and be able to have a little help while i search for a job but from what i have been reading on here i am pretty much SOL correct? I mean there are people i know who have sat on unemployment for over a year, and made minimal effort to find a job and they just sit there and get free money. And i am good at my job and i am a good employee so i wont be getting fired, and i know there are a lot of people who get layed off or fired for sucky reasons but there are also people who do stupid shit at work and get fired and they still get free money unless its contested by the company or whatever, but what i want to know is when do the rest of us get some help?

PS. sorry for ranting

Hi Matt,

No need to be sorry .. I think understand why many people feel the same way .. about why they feel
that way .. although I disagree that your argument is a valid argument as it is a generalization of all unemployed people

As far as your question about benefits .. Yes, I'd say you're SOL. Missouri says benefits are possible to collect if you quit to follow a SPOUSE employed by the federal government. It mentions nothing about boyfriend/girlfriends, one hour drives or being madly in love.

And by the way Matt .. a one hour drive away does make for what I or many people would call a "long distance" relationship .. unless your car is broke.

Many people actually have to drive that long to get to work everyday .. and get back home again.

Now onto your rant .. why I think it is skewed.

Question: What kind of help do you really think you need considering you still have a job?

I think you need relationship help .. since you will be splitting up if you can't find a solution to the traveling distance to the one you're madly in love with.

Instead of looking inward for solutions and resolution to the problem, you are looking outward at all those you "perceive" as playing the system.

This is what I'd call a distraction to the issue at hand .. which is really the possibility of "splitting up".

I know for a fact that the solution to your problem will not be solved even with unemployment benefits. I think you even knew that when you checked into it.

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