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Quit a Temp Position Job for a Better temp to Perm Job then was let go after 1 week

by Maryrose

Worked for a Temp Company for 9 mounths, who lost a contract so there was no chance for a perm position. I found a Temp to perm job that paid more gave notice was on new job 1 week and 1 day and was let go, now denied unemployment in NJ should I appeal

Why were you denied? Was it because you quit the first job or was the reason for the denial because you were let go from the second job for misconduct .. or because the voluntary quit disqualification wasn't monetarily satisfied when you were let go from the second job.

It helps me to know details and clearly I don't have enough to know what to tell you.

Moving your question to questions about unemployment benefits and temporary employment.


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Apr 23, 2013
Answers to your question more info
by: Maryrose

They denied me unemployment because I voluntarily left the first position for the second position and did not meet the 8 week re-employment from the second job. The second job let me go saying that I made to many mistakes which was untrue. I felt that they wanted to give the job to a director daughters. Even the manager at pivot staffing was surprised.

Should you appeal, I believe was your question.

Although I do not give guarantees that a person will receive benefits if they appeal, I do know that you would have to appeal both determinations to get benefits.

So, you should of by now, have checked NJ unemployment law to find out if a quit to accept new and better might provisionally, be provided for in the statutes. And then of course the whether the discharge you were denied benefits for is misconduct or an "inability" or good faith errors that are made by new employees just learning a job. Employer's do tend to claim mistakes made in good faith are actually demonstrations of an employees negligence .. and UI depts. tend to buy that at the initial claims determination level.

But then, that in my opinion is knowing the details that often only come out at an unemployment appeal hearing.

In NJ, if you want to be represented by a professional, a claimant must hire a NJ unemployment attorney.

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