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Quit due to childcare

When I started a new job my husband was able to watch our 4 young children, he then got a job after 2.5 yrs of being unemployed. After 3 months I lost our child care providor (the facility dropped up), as we were only able to give 1 week notice of what days the kids would be in their care. I didn't want to pay for childcare if my husband had the day off (he works at a 24/7 facility). I tried to find childcare for them and was unable to secure childcare and had to quit my job.

I was able to work part time for a coupe of weeks until they found a full time person.

I 1st got an approval stating "claimant voluntarily leaving work becuase she had not childcare for her four children was a reason of suc gravity that the claimant had no reasonable alternative but to leave work"

then got a notice dated the same day saying "Claimants inabiltiy to secure childcare for four children imposes a condition which substanially reduces claimants opportunity to return to work at the earliest possible time"

I have requested an appeal (8-10 weeks out)

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Before I even try to answer you .. I have a question of my own.

What state? California?

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