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Quit Due to continuous threats and harassment.. Do I Have an unemployment claim?

by Risa

I live in Wisconsin and worked at a nursing home. I got injured in July and obtained a rotator cuff tear that I'm getting surgery in a week. There is no denying that the injury is work related.

Well Due to my employer not following my restrictions, my doctor took me off work for a month while I waited to get surgery. When some insurance issued arised, my doctor sent me back to work. When I went back to work, I was harassed by 3 of the same individuals. All the harassment took place in front of my supervisor, who blantly stated he would not do any thing about the situation (this was all caught on tape by the way). I later was threatened by one of the 3 co-workers that had been harassing me for three days. She stated I better watch how I talk to her before I get hurt and got in my bubble. I told the supervisor about this incident and he again on tape refused to address it. At that time I told him I quit and walked out of the facility. Now because it was a hostile work environment and I do have an attorney, do I qualify for unemployment in Wisconsin?

Of course it's possible if you actually prove the hostile and intolerable work conditions.

I see you have proof, in the form of tapes, but I don't know where those tapes would come from or if they are in your possession.

If you recorded something .. you better first make certain WI will allow the tapes .. and not consider you guilty of crime for making the tapes. .. if that's how they got made .. by you.

Ask your attorney if you qualify.

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