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Quit due to health problems both developing and aggravated at job.

by Anonymous

I never had major health issues before this job. I started having extreme exhaustion and chest pain. Constantly felt sick and under the weather. Ended up with high blood pressure.....low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and extremely aggravated allergies due to filth at work to the point where it was like I had a constant cold/flu.

I went at one point on one workday straight from work to the emergency room at the hospital (my now husband drove me) due to dizziness, chest pain, nausea and disorientation. Blood pressure 174 / 92. Then once at hospital and gone from work for a while down to 156 / 80 and kept going down.

I now am on blood pressure medicine and prediabetic. I have all the hospital records and doctors records about these constant health issues that began upon my employment there. I always had a problem with how dirty it was there and I noticed by the end of my first week there that it was really aggravating my allergies....and that only continued to get worse over time.
I am waiting right now for the decision made by the claim person at unemployment.
My x-employer started doing very poorly back some months ago due to the economy....started letting people go. Those of us still there kept getting additional duties piled on to us.
Meantime we have no off the clock break away from that place to even revive to be able to function properly.
I had already been telling my boss about
my health issues and the filth affecting my allergies horribly.
We also were responsible for cleaning that office (janitorial duties). This is something no one is told until they hire you and you've been there a couple weeks. Then they tell you.
My last straw was then when they told us we would also have to work in the warehouse one full day per week on top of already being given other people's work that had already been let go.
So, I had extreme change in working conditions.....job duties that were not even divulged back in the initial interview and now this. I tried to tell my boss we needed to find some alternative....that due to how bad my allergies and other health issues were getting I could not work in the warehouse. They tried to say I was not cooperating. I ended up quitting as I could not handle any more of the abuse. My health has suffered soooo much since I started there I couldn't risk ending up in the hospital again. I have over $8000 in medical bills now and no insurance as this employer offered insurance that would have cost me over $500 per month.
Do you think I will get unemployment??

Hi Anonymous,

What state are you does matter because statutes vary on this issue from state to state . Some require medical documentation saying quitting is advisable for your health...others are known to be a little more lax on this issue and other possible variables.

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