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Quit due to retaliation after complaining about a workplace bully.

by mary

I went to my supervisor then to HR about some of the issues I was having with the job I had been at for over 6 years. I was having some problems with a bully , my supervisor told me she did not want to deal with it. My HR person said to take some time off. I told Supervisor that I went to HR to talk and told her that Hr said take time off, Supervisor went nuts and said noway. Next week when I return to work I am told I am being taken off schedule for room for overstaffed employees and since I am PRN I am the first to go. Since then they have had to pay overtime to the others to cover the shifts that I left open. Here is the problem I told HR I would not be back for the two other shifts they were leaving me for the rest of the week since I knew she was doing this out of retaliation and I was afaid of what else would happen. So they have denied unemployment and said I left on my own free will. I have filed appeal. I need to know what I can say besides the truth that can win my case.

Hi Mary,

Your question is very case specific. Did you file a formal complaint with HR? If so, there is documentation. Subpoena it.

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Oct 08, 2009
Only 49 Percent????
by: Chris - webmaster:)

Thanks, for the post Michelle and the links that I'm certain will be of interest to many people and not just those working in the medical field.

But again, I feel compelled to shout from the rooftop: Employers do not deny unemployment benefits!!

The States deny unemployment benefits.

The big question for me is why the states deny unemployment initially to people that should be entitled to unemployment benefits because they did in fact lose their job through no fault of their own.

The fact is that the unemployment statutes are supposed to be liberally construed in favor of the unemployed person.

So why does this happen?

I think I have a very generalized answer with a myriad of possible underlying discussions.

We allow ourselves to be lulled, bullied, coerced, threatened, and reassured ... into a state of complacency which makes us think we don't have to be proactive to assure that we get benefits from the gitgo.

If a person wants to be successful at getting unemployment benefits "first" until they can find another job or way of making a living, they cannot be complacent.

It it taking incredibly long lengths of time for people to get an appeal hearing .. and then it's taking the state weeks to flip that little switch to show they are now entitled and issue a check for the back pay.

OMG, a person could have lost their home in the time it takes to finally get 50 percent of what they made a week .. pre-unemployment.

Unemployment Benefits are an urgent matter. They are what gives us a little bit of financial breathing room.

You need benefits as soon as possible to keep your internet connection for criminy sakes .. just so you can look for another job.

I guess you could drive down to the state employment office and use their computers .. if you still have a car and the money for gas for the car.

I'm grateful for the links to the websites, but I did find your inaccurate statement about unemployment benefits here on a bit contrite and dismissive to the subject of this website.

Oct 08, 2009
They ALWAYS deny unemployment the first time...
by: Michelle

I'm told that employers ALWAYS deny the unemployment insurance request at first...that's a given. During the employment department interview, tell them the truth. I'm sure they know that workplace bullying is becoming more and more recognized.
To gain more facts and research, go to workplacebullying dot org and see what they say...they did a Zogby/WBI Survey in 2007 that shows 49% of the workforce has either witnessed or been victimized by workplace bullying.
Also, I understand that JCAHO Nursing Standards has set a precedance to address bullying in the workplace...go see "Medical Staff Standards... The Medical Staff standards cover everything from credentialing and privileging to evaluation of practitioners and fair hearing and appeals. Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations have challenged many organizations both large and small. Data collection activities for allied practitioners have sent many on a hunt for information, and a recent Sentinel Event alert related to "bullying behavior" has generated much discussion in organizations.
Good luck...join our movement to pass legislation to correct and prevent workplace bullying. We have networked to 25 states so far,

Thanks, and good luck, Michelle

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