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Quit in Colorado to move to California

by JoyB
(Truckee, CA)

I quit my employment in Colorado to move to California. I tried to transfer within the company (and thought it was going to work out) then the jobs in California got cut due to economy. I got a different job in California for 4 months but it was seasonal so I'm unemployed again. My UI benefits were denied in Colorado since I quit voluntarily from that job. It is not definite, but I think if I stayed in Colorado I would have been demoted and received a pay cut. Also, I moved with my husband to California who had a job lined up. How does all of this sound for an appeal to Colorado Unemployment?

Hi JoyB,

Very bad. It won't work. Colorado does not allow unemployment for moving to follow a spouse. What you think might have happened if you hadn't quit is really irrelevant.

You might want to try filing in California since you've had wages there. California does allow unemployment if you quit a job to follow a spouse. I really have no idea if this might work, but it's certainly worth a try.

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