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Quit In Lieu Of Discharge

by MC
(Ohio Unemployment Benefits)

My unemployment was denied because I resigned which I figured this would happen. Basically to make a long story short I had missed some work, I would say around 80-90% of my absences were excused by doctors notes. I was never wrote up or given any kind of written warnings for this. I missed 2 1/2 days of work due to a respiratory infection which I went to the doctor for and had a note to miss all of those days. The following week my supervisor called me in to her bosses office. They wanted to discuss what had been going on. I had worked for them for about 1 1/2 at this point. They gave me a chart with all of my absences listed and what kind of time was used (sick, vacation, etc). They told me I was not dependable enough and since I was still a probationary employee (since I had switched positions) I was going to have a disciplinary hearing. At first they did not know when the hearing would be but it would be soon. When they realized I did not want to resign they decided they were going to have the hearing that same day at 2:00pm. They also told me I was an unclassified employee which meant I could be fired at any time for any reason. I felt as if they were giving me no choice. They informed me if I did not want to have the disciplinary hearing I could resign. also informed me that my personnel file was considered public record and anyone at any time could come in and view my file. I was shocked I did not know what to do, they wanted an answer right now. They told me if I just went ahead and resigned that there would be nothing in my personnel file and if I decided to have the hearing the outcome would be me being terminated, and then my personnel file would show the disciplinary hearing and that I was fired. I felt as if I was backed

up in a corner and I had no choice but to resign or else I would not be able to get another job within the county or have a good reference.I asked them if I could please have some time to think about it I was crying and very upset and confused. They gave me until 2:00pm that day to make a decision because that’s when they decided the disciplinary hearing would be held. They told me if I brought back a letter of resignation before 2:00 then I would not have to have the hearing and my personnel file would “look good”. When I asked if I could have some time to think about it they also informed me I could not leave with the chart they had given me with all of my absences on it because if I left the building with that chart then it would have to go in to my personnel file. They gave me a letter “memo” when I left which stated that I would have a disciplinary hearing at 2:00 that day, they told me if I decided to resign then the letter would be shredded. I did not understand why they could give me the letter to leave with and if I resigned it would be shredded but I could not have a copy of the chart with my absences on it because if I left the building with that chart it would have to stay in my personnel file. I decided it would probably be in my best interest to resign so that my personnel file would be in good shape. I did not want to ruin my chances of getting another job because of bad work history. I felt I had no choice; I was going to lose my job either way. I really don't know if this is something I should appeal. I really do not have the money to hire anyone to help me. What would you do?

MC, please, first try searching the existing Q&A's to find out what I'd do.

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