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quit in maine

by Derek
(Biddeford, Maine, US)

i walked off my job because the company was failing, the work place was hostile and my bosses were real **expletive deleted**

I was a member of an installation team, and was stuck at the shop due to my supervisor being sick that day.

There was a wealth of work to be completed, directly related to the installation that I had been working for several months.

I was knowledgeable and capable to complete the work before the next installation day.

However, I was told to sweep all day and informed that I was not smart enough to participate in the processes that needed to be completed to continue the installation process.

The situation described above took place after I worked 2 weeks for free, as the company was failing. the entire work force had initially volunteered to work for free to "save the company" and I contributed an enormous amount of my time to help (without compensation of any kind).

My day to day experience there was wrought with insults and threats, which I did not take seriously. I chipped in as much or more than anyone else to help to save the company. But to be insulted after having done so much for them was the final straw.

I felt underutilized, overworked, and insulted. I never went back.

I am under the impression that I am NOT due any unemployment benefits, but have been encouraged repeated to inquire anyway.
So I will start here.

Any and all advice and or knowledge that you may offer about my situation would be greatly appreciated.
should you require more information, i will provide it as soon as i can.

Hi Derek,

You know what, I'm with you .. I think if you file for unemployment and tell the same story .. you will be denied.

Ironically, though .. there is a good cause argument to be made for quitting if your employer asked you to work without pay.

Now, prove it .. or maybe you won't have to even work to hard at this if the company has now closed and a co-worker can confirm that you were all working without benefits of a paycheck.

What devotion .. to a real "expletive deleted".

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