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Quit job after 20% pay cut in TN

by Scott

I was a salaried employee who was paid for on-call work which meant supporting the company after regular hours, and received a regular pay for this which was 20% of my regular salary.

This amount was cut out almost entirely earlier this year, and there were other situations of temporarily withheld pay which caused me to quit the week this cut would have taken effect. I did give a two week notice prior to quitting, so there was no ill will that I could tell.

I, and the others in my department that this cut would be affecting had talked with the person responsible for it, so they were aware of how displeased we were.

I just got notice that my initial claim was denied due to leaving voluntarily without good cause. The notice didn't even include the pay cut which I gave testimony to and instead only mentioned the situation of pay withheld, which was eventually corrected.

I will appeal and will hopefully be able to provide my full testimony again, but would appreciate any help or info I can get about winning UI benefits in TN.

Hi Scott,

I'd really like to be able to point you to some information about how Tennessee decides on the issue of reductions in pay, but I cannot find a precedent manual for them.

I have a question.. this 20% which was eliminated .. did you still have to be on call the same amount of hours?

If you were, this might be considered a change in the conditions of employment .. great enough for you to have a shot.

If not and you were no longer expected to be on call and they quit paying the additional 20% for this .. an appeal probably won't work.

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May 17, 2009
Yes, same hours
by: Scott

Thanks for the fast answer.

Yes, the on call hours remained the same and our duties while on call were even extended beyond what they were before the pay cut.


Then I think that is what you need to focus on. Removing or lowering the pay for on call duty and being given added on call duties. If the employer did correct the "not receiving pay issue", I guess it's possible that's all the adjudicator decided to hear. They are supposed to be listening for any reason that would allow you to receive benefits, but trust me .. the position you are coming from is almost the preferable one as far as I'm concerned .. you don't have to worry about repaying benefits you would have received otherwise.


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