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Quit job in NY state because wife took job in Florida

by Paul
(Brandon, Florida)

My wife found a nursing job in Florida.

We lived in NY state and sold our house and bought one in the Tampa area. I gave notice in February and quit my teaching job to be with my family. We have two kids in high school.
I have not been able to find a job since I have been down here (5 months).
Can I get unemployment and if yes how would I go about doing it.
Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Yes, New York does allow unemployment benefits for various circumstances involving moving to a new locality.

To understand when they do find good cause for quitting to follow a spouse all one has to do is read Section 1645 of the interpretation index.

I think #5 and #9 sound the most relevant to your situation. What you will notice is it may be dependent upon the reasons your spouse took the job.

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