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Quit job in Spring, Tx

by Sherri
(Spring, Tx)

Sherri Roytan

Sherri Roytan

I was working with a dental office as a office manager for 16 years, the commute became unbarable as well as costly. I interviewed 3 miles from home and landed the job. The owner stated that he wanted a office manager who would be able to implement business practices, Osha guidelines and weed out bad employees. I worked for this company for 6 months and it was unbelievable what I experienced. The dentist was having an affair with the hygienist. The wife of the dentist managed the office via computer only and would come in to administer payroll. The doctor stated to me that he wanted to weed out his wife's involvement with the company in order for him to have the ability to run his own practice without her input (this was after I was employeed for 2 months) Conflict started between the hygienist, doctor, wife and myself. I was asked to lie about late night appointments and just about everything else! I told the doctor that I did not know what was going on behind practice hours and I did not want to know but that I would not be a part of it! This office had horrible dental ethics, the asepsis of the practice showed cross contamination in every operatory possible. I tried implementing proper protocol and always was overroad by the wife, so therefore the whole meaning of my employment was false as far as why I was brought into the practice. I was the only salaried employee and worked 12 hour days without additional pay (without complaint) at my 6 months with the practice hurricane ike hit and our office was closed for 2 weeks, I went daily to the office to assure no breakins as well as to contact patients

to let them know of our re-opening status. When returning to work after the storm, I only received half of my paycheck and questioned this (i am salary,I make up time) the wife told me to file a claim with FEMA for lost wages because she couldnt afford to pay me, however our hours for the next month were changed to Mon-Fri 7am-8pm and I was told I would not get additional compensation, nor the back pay owed. I could stand no more and quit. When I filed unemployment it was denied because the wife stated that she gave a reasonable request that I could not agree to. I have never been unreasonable and have held employment very long. I am very educated in Office Management of Dental Practices for 23 years now. I could no longer live with the cross contamination, unethical practices, and affairs going on in the business.

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for the photo, I really enjoy seeing to whom I'm responding to. Sorry I can't reciprocate, but I'm the most UN-photogenic person.

Sounds like that job was a real hoot!! Like being a character in a TV series.

Sometimes, we just have to ignore initial determinations denying benefits and forge ahead.

It's not unusual to be denied when a person quits and they have no "documentation to present". Therefore, it becomes necessary to present your reasons at a hearing.

A valid reason for quitting can be based on conditions of the employment that violate laws, ethical problems or even moral issues. Sounds like you experienced them all.

So I say appeal. If the wife shows up at the hearing .. she may be surprised to hear all the things you have to say.

I so want to hear about the hearing.

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