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Quit job to go to school for nursing in Connecticut

by Kim
(New Haven County, CT. USA)

I worked for a consulting company for two years on a contract position. The job was scheduled to end this past April 2010, and didn't. Then they said August, and didn't. Then December, at which point, I have been attending night school for nursing. I put off going to school full time last fall and spring semesters because I was told my position would be done by April, 2010, then August 2010, etc. My work had dwindled down to nothing, as I found myself with absolutely nothing to do, except reading the newspapers online or surfing- online. I also drove a total of two hours to work, one hour up and another back everyday, I have a two and a half year old car with 65,000 miles on it. I decided to quit my job shy of three months so I could pursue my nursing full time. The two classes I am presently taking were only offered during the morning and afternoon sessions which I needed for nursing. I applied for unemployment and was denied. I am going to appeal the decision, can you help me with some educationed/legal points that I can present to help me with my appeal? Thank you. I am willing to work at night or whenever. Thank you for your help.

Hi Kim,

I'd love to help you with some informational legal arguing points, but I don't know of any that would work for your appeal.

You quit to attend school. It's a disqualifying thing to do. Attending school during "normal hours of work" also makes you not available for work.

If you would like to confirm for yourself or investigate the other reasons you proposed try the UI Substantive Regulations of Connecticut.

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