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Quit my job but employer lied during telephone interview

by sarah

Basically here is the chain of events that led to me quitting and what was told to the EDD telephone interviewer:

- I was harassed by a male employee who yelled in my face and physically blocked me from leaving the office
-reported it and nothing was done about it
- harassment continued by same employee, reported it and was blamed for 50% and had my promotion taken away
-went on medical leave for 12 weeks
-was denied my reasonable accommodation and my employer failed to engage in the interactive process (reported this to DFEH)
-returned to work to find my position i had held prior to going out of medical leave was given to someone else and i was forced to take a position in the company that i had no knowledge or training in.
-started getting verbal reprimands from HR on petty stuff that I've done before and it was never an issue
-2 weeks later, i was still being denied training and could no longer sit at work all day and do nothing

my employer told the EDD telephone interviewer i quit due to modified work.

That was not the case at all. I tried numerous times to fix the issues but things were getting worse for me and to top it off, my harasser was still employed and my new position had me sitting closer to him.

I have my appeal hearing soon, any advise on how to represent myself. do I have a strong case?

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Jan 25, 2016
I have a question about the unemployment insurance part of it.
by: Chris -

How do you think the phone interviewer responded to your response I assume disputed what the employer told them about the "modified work"?


Jan 25, 2016
by: Sarah

I was contacted first and after the lady on the phone said she would be calling my employer to get their side. I'm not sure what my employer said I'm going off the letter EDD sent me saying I was denied benefits due to quitting without good cause due to modified work.

Jan 25, 2016
So, you're appealing .. correct?
by: Chris -

From the sound of it, I'd think you should have lots of documentation you could use to discredit that response .. unless I'm missing something.

Jun 27, 2016
California unemployment
by: Anonymous

If I moved out of state to help grandchild medical needs and can financially not move back to california can I receive unemployment

Jun 27, 2016
Oh my .. and your employer lied about something? What?
by: Chris -

Why did you choose to ask your "comment", on a story with the title of "Quit my job but employer lied during telephone interview"?

I guess, for now and most likely, always, I'll be left wondering why you and others, wouldn't choose more appropriate questions, or stories to leave a comment/question on, if you're really trying to find answers that are closer, therefore more likely to be relevant to your particular situation with unemployment benefits.

I'll assume the best. You like most most, just didn't realize how many questions I've already answered about quitting and unemployment in an effort to help even those who don't ask questions, think a situation through to a logical conclusion about their chances of benefits.

Jun 28, 2016
The guy that gives advise
by: Anonymous

You sound like a dirtbag. You could possibly be a little more tactful in the majority of your answers. I dont ask goofy people like you questions so Im not too worried, but it makes you sound disrespectful and in turn unprofessional. Good luck with your garbage site bud.

Jun 28, 2016
I'm disrespectful?
by: Chris -

Couple problems with your comment.

I'm not the "dirtbag bud" you assume me to be, but a woman with expectations, that believes men and women, such as yourself, are in fact, lost causes because they never seem able to think outside the reactionary box they are trapped in, to make actual sense .. when they might be right, or wrong.

Tactfulness, as you demonstrated yourself, is not of as much value as it once was.

Jul 04, 2016
Question about benefits.
by: Anonymous

Hello Chris, how do I contact you?

Depends on what you need to contact me about .. but whatever impression I give off, I'm ..

Right here.

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