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Quit my job due to medical reasons..possible verbal abuse reasons >> State of Georgia

by Anonymous

I have worked in the Pest Control Industry for 4 years. So I have applied Pesticides, crawled under houses, and performed the tasks now for a while. However, almost all of those years, I worked in Sales, which is a cake job, doing a quick inspection, and like all sales, is mostly talking to the customer.

I recently took a job doing the "work" end of the business. I am no longer doing the sales but performing the work. So rather than crawling under a house for 30 minutes and checking it out, I am working under the house from 2-6 hours at a time. I have a history of sinus/allergy issues, and staying up under a house for long periods of time have aggravated my allergies to new heights. My blood pressure also runs high, and it has been under control with medication, and since performing this work, it has risen again.

(caution: racial terms are brought up)

In addition, my brother worked there as part time help for a short period of time, getting paid under the minimum wage. He was let go of, after my boss telling him, "he works like a (racial slur removed)." Now mind you this isn't directed at me, however, he is still using the language and references in the work place. He also brought it up afterwards, telling me how
"sorry of a job" my brother did, continuing insulting references of him to me.

A) Even though I have been in this field of work for a long time, my duties are different at THIS job and are not the same as what I was doing for years. Could I quit and file with medical documentation that, yes my doctor recommends other work because of the constant exposure to unhealthy conditions that aggravate existing conditions that were previously under control.. sinus infections, allergies, blood pressure, that were under control up until I started this work a few months ago.

B) Does his verbal abuse of another employee and constant degradation even after firing him, not paying the minimum wage... even apply to my case, ... to show him as the bad employer that he is...would I this part even come into play while making my case?

Hi Anonymous,

First, you need to take a look at the nonmonetary chartbook on this page Table 5-2. Scroll down to the footnotes under that table and see what it says about quitting because of illness in Georgia. Conditions are listed under 11/ and 12/.

Secondly, I think it's best to focus on one issue that will offer the best case for you. Of course, these other things may come up .. because they might upset you and make your blood pressure go up:)

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