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Quit temporary job. Still had permanent. Being denied!

by Mary
(Oden, MI)

I have. Permanent place of work. It's a serving job in a locale that tends to be very seasonally inflated and, obviously, de-flated as well. I've worked here for 2 summers now and finally have committed to working year round and make this m permanent residence. I worked at a company 5 hours away and left with good notice before I decided to move back to my permanent, but up til now only summer job. The money was always better here. My boss cried when I left! Since my job was slowing down for the season I told my old employer I could help her out for a few weeks and help her during her busy season. I originally told her I could work a straight month before I had to go back home to my other job but I wasn't sure of the exact date. I worked regularly and after 3 weeks I was called by my permanent job and told I was needed. I gave my temporary boss a weeks notice (before she had starts the schedule) that my time was over. She was angry because I was one of the few people she could count on. Who else would leave their new house to come back for weeks on end? I was approved for unemPloyment since my job has slowed down but have since been issued a denial and restitution letter. I haven't made the re- work amount. Do I even have to? Or should I just write a protest mentioning everything I said here?

You are appealing. Appeal letters should protest only one thing .. your disagreement with the determination and request for a hearing .. so you can protest.

However, I'm not clear why you have that determination for an overpayment, nore what job your appeal would be focused on.

And I certainly, do not understand how it is you haven't purged any voluntary quit disqualification yet if what you tell me is the fact of the matter.

Clearly, I must be missing something here.

It's best you contact the Michigan Advocacy program to discuss your case.

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Dec 20, 2011
by: Mary

I have restitution due for my first and only payment I received from Marvin. After that first payment is when I got the letter of redetermination/disqualification. What I want to know is... Do I have a right to protest this? Or do I have to complete the rework requirements because I left for a job that wasn't going to give me enough hours to pay bills on? Keep in mind, in actuality I never left my permanent job. Just took leave for 3 weeks to help out old employer.

Yes, you have the right to protest .. that's what an appeal is and the determination should tell you this and provide the deadline for any appeal to be received.

Although it's asking for repayment .. it should also provide you with the issue for the re-determination and that is in fact what has to be appealed to make that overpayment go away.

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