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quit voluntarily - due to moving to new area

by Renee Frazier
(Lakeland, Florida)

I am not mentally fit to live by myself. I have lived with my parents all my life. I had brain damage when I was born. My mother recently moved to Florida to be with her family since my father died. I had to move with her because I am not able to make it on my own. So I had to quit my job and have been looking actively for a new one but have not found one yet. Unemployment benefits were started but now they have stopped and say I have to pay it back. Yes, I quit voluntarily but I had no choice.

How can I get help?

Hi Renee,

Did you per chance work for an employer that had different locations and did you first try to resolve the problem by requesting a transfer? I'm looking for a reason that might be able to connect the reason for the quit to the work.

Florida does allow benefits when someone voluntarily quits for health reasons, but this usually requires medical documentation of some sort that the job is no longer suitable due to the health condition or when an employer is unable or unwilling to comply with a medical restriction.

So you might consider appealing, if you did seek alternative with the employer prior to quitting that could have accommodated the need to move. If not, you might try to appeal that your medically documented mental limitations gave you no other alternative to continue in the employment, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for that argument because nothing in it can be seen as "attributable to the work" which is a problem in all states that have few provisions that create an exception to this underlying principle.

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Sep 23, 2013
Same issue without the health problems.
by: Melissa

I'm from NJ and had to move out of the state because my mother sold the house and was moving to Florida to be near family as well. I had been working for my employer for 8 years and did not want to do what I had to do, but there was no other options. I had to resign voluntarily because they do not have any offices out in FL and I could not afford to live in NJ or else I would've been homeless. There was no family or friends that I could stay with so I could continue working. My UI has been denied but I have the chance to appeal. Do you think this is going to look good for me? I have been looking for work and have been going to college for 4 years before I had to leave FL.

Hi Melissa,

Did you happen to check to see if NJ has a provision? And I'm just going to take a guess and say that quitting to follow a parent will never be seen as the same thing as quitting to follow A SPOUSE .. There's actually a big difference .. unless you are still a minor which would of course raise another issue with getting benefits.

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