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Quit with good cause in Massachusetts?


I work for a company that has cut our department from 3 people to 2 people and then cut pay by 15% for some and 5% for others. I think they are planning another pay cut. If they cut our pay again, can I quit and collect unemployment? It is frustrating that my work load has increased due to layoffs, but my pay has gone down.

Hi Anonymous,

I did find the manual or handbook that MA claims reps use to guide their determinations and it's useful for any type of situation.

This gives the reasons to collect unemployment or tells you why you might be denied MA unemployment benefits.

I believe the info you're looking for is under section 1222 under Voluntary Leaving. It does not give a "definitive amount" that the reduction must be, but I think you will find it very useful for your specific situation.

Thanks for asking the question. I had not found this resource until I went looking for an answer to your question.


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