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Quitting a subsequent job in ma after being laid off from seasonal work.

by bob

I was working from April 09 until Oct 09 for a golf course in Massachusetts. It was a seasonal position that would end when it snows. I did go to another job at the end of October, but it did not work out, we had a mutual agreement about being the wrong fit and I left the position, but the golf job ended so I opened a claim.

I'm wondering if the later job does not protest do you think i can collect.

Hi Bob,

If you hadn't told me the golf job was seasonal .. I would have focused entirely upon the job you weren't a good fit for .. which you quit .. right?

If they didn't protest (fat chance unless they wrote on a piece of paper they wouldn't) you might be able to get benefits as long as you didn't say something to self disqualify yourself for quitting.

But you mention "seasonal employment". I'm not sure whether Massachusetts has any special provisions for seasonal employment.

When a state has provisions for this type of job, it usually allows the employer to define or submit to a state the dates the season begins and ends. The provision might act to not allow benefits if the unemployment occurs within the season. These provisions might also factor in that if an employee works outside these dates that they are no longer a seasonal employee.

This might happen if a sports team goes to the playoffs and the stadium workers work beyond the "dates" or if a ski resort opens or closes early.

So, I guess Bob, I'm telling you that I have some questions about the "mutual agreement" that you weren't a good fit because the subsequent job is the determining separation from work as to whether you can get benefits by accessing the wage credits from the seasonal work and that you need to either check Mass unemployment rules or call the state to find out about the accessibility of unemployment benefits from seasonal employment.

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Jan 02, 2010
follow up ma. seasonal job to another job
by: bob

Hi again. in ma. you can collect on a seasonal positon. The other question i have is if i did not leave the golf seasonal job and went to the other job that i quit i would have been able to collect benifits. because i went to the other job and quit ,mutual agreement that i stated was it was the wrong job description right from the start there was no talk about sales or door to door sales that i can if needed i can get a doctors note for stress and a foot problem that prohibits me from door to door sales. thanks bob

Hi Bob,

Yes, I'd say you're on the right track. I'm not all that swayed by "mutual agreement" .. Unemployment departments may consider this explanatory if you had an employment contract .. which ended, but for the most part .. they like to know who was the moving party .. or whether you quit or were fired.

I think the issue you will need to focus on proving is that you quit with good cause attributable to the work because it turned out to not be suitable work.

Focusing on the information that the employer provided you at the time of hire which is what you based your decision on to take the job is relevant in your case if they didn't tell you about the door to door aspect and you have medical documentation which shows that if you had been aware .. you wouldn't have taken the job in the first place.

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