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Quitting and starting college or training program in Arkansas

by Anonymous

I have moved to a different town and have requested numerous times for my schedule to be changed to meet my new requirements because my husband had to go back to work which limits the hours I am able to work because of my 3 small children. I am available for a lot of hours each and every day, but after several attempts by me and my immediate manager, my supervisor would not meet any of my request which resulted in me not being able to work and I had to quit.

I also started a training program and will be starting college on June 1st. Will any of this affect my benefits that I am now receiving?

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, any of the above mentioned things could affect the unemployment benefits you are currently getting.

The employer might very well appeal the reason you were allowed benefits, because the conditions that required your need for a schedule change and limiting your hours of availability were not connected with the work, but rather caused by personal events.

Training must be state approved training and if you start college you will no longer be able and available for work .. therefore, disqualified.

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