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quitting because the superviser continually ridiculed my religion and my beliefs? (Workplace harassment)

by Angie

I am Pentecostal and one of the supervisors continually makes fun of me and talks about my wearing skirts, no jewelry, and the way I worship God. She has made comments about "Pentecostal Lesbians" saying "I didn't know Pentecostal's could be lesbians". And what would my God do to her for wearing her necklace. And " Oooooh , what's he going to do to me for these dangly earrings?" And to see if God gave me any extra in my check for religious persecution. I told her I do not like this at all and it is not funny and she was furious with me. Also, she and several others talk loudly about sex constantly and they know I am so uncomfortable with that. They even called us all in the office and told everyone not to talk dirty like that and the very same evening both supervisors were talking nasty sexual talk again! I just can't take much more.

Hi Angie,

First, in case you have not .. visit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

You'll notice that along with race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability, religion is also included.

Given that you are having to endure this discrimination from "supervisors" who should know better .. I suggest you contact a Louisiana attorney.

You need to address your issues with the employer (HR or whoever is above your supervisors). You need to file a formal complaint and start documenting by keeping a journal. Even to get unemployment you need some proof you attempted to resolve the situation first.

An attorney can tell you specifically what you need to do.

You mentioned only one meeting .. I think you need a private meeting to file a formal complaint.

Check your employee handbook .. a highly underused instruction book that usually has a specific problem resolution procedure in it somewhere. Follow it and document EVERYTHING!!

Do not allow the petty, small minded people the upper hand .. Angie, every opportunity to rise above is an opportunity for grace:)

You can take it until either something changes and your workplace becomes better .. or you have enough proof to show all your earnest efforts that gave the employer enough opportunities to correct the discriminatory behavior by one of their supervisors.

Talk to an attorney .. please.

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